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Zugzwang is a Gold Medal winner at the World Beer Championships by Tastings!

Zugzwang is a German word which translates to “compulsion to move”. In the game of chess it basically means, “It is your turn to move, and all of your moves are bad!” In other words, if you’re not drinking the Zugzwang Vanilla Porter, YOU LOSE!

Beer Information

ABV: 5.7%
IBU: 24

Style:Vanilla Porter

Flavor:Roasted and chocolate flavor that you’d expect from a classic Porter. The addition of of real vanilla bean adds unparalleled complexity and a rich, smooth, caramel, Mocha milkshake flavor.

Aroma:Melted Toffee, Chocolate Espresso Beans and Vanilla

Hops:Apollo, and Williamette

Color:Beer Color - Oktoberfest

Malty:Beer Malt Level - Oktoberfest

Hoppy:Beer Hop Level - Oktoberfest

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