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"Sunday Brunch, a time where we get to eat for two... or three, with no judgement. #SundayBrunch https://t.co/mQNhrOxY0C"

"Our weekend Happy Hour is back! Stop in between 12-5pm to enjoy our great deals. Can't decide on a beer? We have Fl… https://t.co/Ii3j7Zhz84"

"It's Friday, get out of the office and go to happy hour, THEN enjoy the weekend. Our patios are open! 🍻 #CraftBeer"

"Laurel vs Yanny... Our experts have sat down to discuss, but all we hear is beer. What do you hear? #LaurelvsYannyhttps://t.co/ptc0bCbBDz"

"It's #NationalCraftBeerWeek! While in our locations from May 17-20th look for our Independent Craft Brewer Seal mar… https://t.co/EXcpMD6QxJ"

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Granite City Food & Brewery

Granite City Food & Brewery

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