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This isn’t the PB&J your mom used to pack in your lunch pail! This is a PB&J Ale! Bursting with peanut butter and raspberry jelly flavor, this beer is sure to take you back to your childhood, while making you glad that you’re old enough to enjoy it! Stop into Granite City and grab a cold glass of Lunch Pail PB&J Ale today!

Beer Information

ABV: 6.1%
IBU: 25

Style:Brown Ale

Flavor:Peanut butter and chocolate flavors with subtle notes of raspberry. Notes of Rye reminiscent of sandwich bread.

Aroma:Peanut Butter

Hops:Fuggle and Williamette

Color:Beer Color - Lunch Pail

Malty:Beer Malt Level - Lunch Pail

Hoppy:Beer Hop Level - Lunch Pail

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