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"Whats the most important meal of the day? We say #Brunch. View our brunch menu at: https://t.co/cYlg8K5N2u https://t.co/LrgDk0TTQy"

"We got that #FridayFeeling. Gift Wrapped, a perfect complement to holiday shopping and feeling hungry. https://t.co/uZfBzhT941"

"Close out the week with some Old Fashioned ribs. Enjoy these baby back ribs glazed in our signature "Old Fashioned"… https://t.co/sjapClMWv4"

"$100 for them, $20 for you. Beer is for everyone. Stop in today for your holiday #GiftCards. https://t.co/VlFzCBMvxM"

"It's the holiday season, let's cheers and celebrate by drinkin' beers! https://t.co/d6inPStXYH"

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