Fermentus Interruptus™

Our Patented Brewing Process

Have you ever seen one of the Granite City trucks out on the highways or seen one backed up to one of our restaurants and wondered, what's going on? Did you know Granite City Food & Brewery has a patented and unique brewing process we call Fermentus Interruptus™?  It's Craft Brewing with a cool twist.


All of our Craft Beer creations are handmade in small batches using the world's best ingredients; hops from England and the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Our barley comes from Germany, England and the upper-midwest United States.

We opened our first Brewpub in 1999 in St. Cloud, Minnesota; "The Granite city".  Then came to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  By the time we were building our third location in Fargo, North Dakota, our founders came up with the means to make consistent Craft Beer in any location by starting the process in one place, with one water source, since pure water is such a crucial ingredient in delicious beer, and Fermentus Interruptus™ was born!

Granite City brewers hand craft over 500,000 gallons of beer every year and growing!

Granite City Food & Brewery now even produces all the yeast we use to ferment our artisan Ales and Lagers.  It's the art and science of Craft Brewing, handcrafted by us and fermented right here and in every other Granite City location.  It's a lot of effort but Granite City Food & Brewery thinks it's worth it for outstanding beer!  It is a pleasure to craft this beer for you.  Granite City Food & Brewery knows you will taste our unique difference.


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